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We Need Housing

Watch Carl talk about the need for housing and why it is so hard for some people to stop using drugs

Carl in a video interview

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One of the reasons for the safe injection sites would be to connect people to housing. I’d love to do that! I mean we’ve got housing workers, like agencies that do housing, that come to the safe injection site to talk to people that we’ve identified as homeless – so that’s good.

The pathways are there now, it’s just the end product is kind of missing. Many people I know would like to cut down or quit, and they can’t, because the only place they have to live is a rooming house, that’s full of other people that are using. And, nothing against the other people – they’re using, they’re nice people – but then they’re friendly, they’re like, “Oh would you like some drugs?”. It’s like, well what’s buddy going to say?