Connections for People Who Use Drugs

OHRN is committed to the vision that people who use drugs are treated with dignity and respect, free of judgment, and receive effective care and support when accessing services across Ontario. If you or someone you know uses drugs, check out the resources below.


Please note that OHRN is not a counselling or support service. We do not offer advice or support around individuals' substance use.


This page is not for emergencies. If you are with someone who has overdosed, call 911 immediately.

Where to Start

Networks of People Who Use Drugs

Grassroots organizations of, by, and for people who use drugs.

Please note that while we try to keep information up to date, we cannot guarantee that any of these groups are active at any given time. If you have information to share, including information about a new group, please contact us.

Find our Member Agencies

Members of our network include harm reduction programs based at Community Health Centres, AIDS Service Organizations and Public Health Units across the province. Find them on the map and explore harm reduction programs across Ontario.

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