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How I Got Into Harm Reduction

Peel Region, Ontario

What drives her harm reduction work is explored by Natalia in this video.

Natalie in a video interview

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I’m 47 years old now. I start my university at a very young age, 18. And I was, I chose journalism,
humanitarian journalism as my main profession. And the reason why I took that career is the main
reason that also put me in harm reduction. I believe in social change. I believe in being part of the
solution. I think the world is full of progress and economical development, but we need healers, we
need humans working for humans. So in different aspects of my profession I have been in the field
working with the most vulnerable communities, those who are in need. So I really believe that being in
harm reduction is the most amazing opportunity I ever had in my career because we are frontline
workers. The frustration is you want to do more and sometimes we don’t have the resources. That part
is really tough. But being able to connect with people and understand their journeys and open doors for
them and also provide the resources. Harm reduction definitely brings a lot of resources in community
support for those who are more marginalized. Well it’s absolutely amazing.