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Earning Trust

Toronto, Ontario

In this video, Celestina speaks to earning the trust and vulnerability of service users and facilitating support.

Celestina in a video interview

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My very first volunteer training, one thing that one of the TRIP (The TRIP! Project) members said that really, really stood out to me is, once you get in this field, people will start telling you stuff about themselves that they don’t tell anybody else, and so you have to like deal with that. And it’s like a shocking thing that you’re gonna have to deal with: people telling you all this, being very vulnerable to you. And yeah, that’s definitely; I found that to be very true.

And I find that there’s big success when somebody’s being very vulnerable with you, that’s successful because they’re opening a door to allow you to help them. But I also think I should also rephrase that and say they’re also opening the door to have faith in helping themselves because, ultimately, you’re not helping them, they’re helping themselves. You’re just facilitating them to feel good enough about themselves, and confident, and enough in themselves to do so.