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Toronto, Ontario

Celestina speaks about drug combinations and sharing her drug-science knowledge in her day-to-day in this video.

Celestina in a video interview

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I remember I was hanging out with my friends, and there was this girl who was like in the group, she was talking about how she was on ecstasy, and she wanted to drink DXM (Dextromethorphan) cough syrup to make herself even more high. And I told her, ‘you shouldn’t do that, that combination will cause a medical emergency called Serotonin Syndrome. Like, you really shouldn’t. Trust me on this.”

And she didn’t, and this was just like me hanging out with my friends, and just because, you know, I was a big drug-science-nerd I immediately flagged that combination and told her this is a bad idea and, I could have saved her life.