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Two Hardest Things

Watch Garrett talk about building relationships with clients, and the time needed to do so.

Garrett in a video interview

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The first part I’m going to say is – the most challenging part – is trying to let people know of all the services and the resources. Because they go to these places and they just get hammered with: “You could go here”, “You could go there”, “ Take these pamphlets”, “Take these papers”.

So trying to give that information, but not jamming it down their throats. Because I want to show that I have time for these people, and by giving them that type of information right away, it is kind of telling them, “I have no time for you; here’s this information, get out of my office.”

The best approach – which I find is an example of the best approach, for me anyways – is the second hardest part – it is building a relationship.

First I try and see what’s going on with their life, but kind of building a relationship and letting them know where I am, so that they know they could always follow-up with me.