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Supporting the Journey

North Bay, Ontario

Glenn speaks about his cleanup program, the importance of lived experiences, and working with people who use drugs.

Glenn in a video interview

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Last year when I started the cleanup program, I had one peer that was diehard, that showed up every week. And a few others that came in and out. This year I had four or five right off the start. Currently, two of them. One is taking my old position, who’ll be starting in the new year in my old position, who’s a peer with lived experiences that is also HIV positive and hep c. Has gone through the treatment for hep c recently. So he’s had many struggles in his life. The one of the peers still struggles, you know, with substances at times, you know? But yet he’s slowly progressed to where, sometimes he wouldn’t make it or whatever, and now when he doesn’t make it I get a call or a text. And it’s rarely that he doesn’t make it anymore, you know? And this has given him the opportunity to better himself.