Peer engagement Principles and Best Practices: A guide for BC Health Authorities and other providers

The BC Harm Reduction Strategies and Services Committee (BCHRSS) is committed to engaging peers to ensure harm reduction services across the province are equitable and meeting the needs of people who use substances. Over the past decade or so, peer engagement has been an evolving, iterative process. Although peer engagement has improved, there remains is often a lack of understanding of peer engagement principles and practices among Health Authorities.

From this identified gap, the Peer Engagement and Evaluation Project (PEEP) was initiated. PEEP is a research project that builds on BCHRSS experiences and existing relationships with peers. This project aims to enhance peer engagement and voices that have been missing from decision-making tables across the province through the development, implementation, and evaluation of best practices guidelines for BC Health Authorities.


Greer, A.M., Amlani, A.A., Buxton, J.A. & the PEEP team. (2017). Peer Engagement Best Practices: A Guide for Health Authorities and other providers. Vancouver, BC: BC Centre for Disease Control.