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Worm on a Hook

Kingston/South Eastern Ontario

Watch Chris talk about how to work with people and connect them to services

Chris in a video interview

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We’ll see people come in and the first time they might be stressed out and ranting at you, or whatever. And through that incident, the next time, they don’t have to yell as much. And three weeks later they’re coming in saying, “How’s your day going? How’s your day going?”

And I would say a side thing about harm reduction – some of the things we offer bring people in, and we call them “the worm on the hook”. We’ll get them to come in, we’ll find them benefits, we’ll do their taxes (not spending all our time doing that), it makes them feel comfortable. They come in to get their taxes done and the next thing they know they’re starting Hepatitis C treatment.

You know, because you move them on, or connecting them here, or connecting them there. So being a harm reduction worker, an outreach worker, but in a facility where we can transfer people back and forth with other agencies also. I think we always try to figure out who can give this person the best services?

So enough said, I’m done.