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Working for the People

York Region, Ontario

Aara speaks about harm reduction community, kicking ass, and working for the people in this video.

Aara in a video interview

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You know – it’s interesting in this field. There’s a lot of premium placed on professionalism, on self-containment, on looking the right part.
And I think what I love about harm reduction is that we keep coming back and saying that it doesn’t adequately fit all of us in this community.
So I think what I’m really proud of, and being in this room of workers from all over Ontario, you can hear the emotion…[pauses] just so many people out there kicking ass and doing really hard work because they love it and they love people.
And not because they make money; not because it’s safe; not because it’s convenient; it’s certainly not nine to five.
But there’s parents and people with addiction issues and people with mental health issues and all of us in the mix just doing the best we can. And I’m incredibly proud.