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Why Advocates Are Important

In this video, Becki speaks to the importance of advocates (like Zoe Dodd) who are doing outspoken social change work.

Becki in a video interview

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I know I’m not alone in the fact that this is my community first. And I think there’s often this power struggle of, you know, professionalism and like being, you know, playing to the politics of what’s happening in greater society. And I think a lot of us struggle, and, you know, I appreciate advocates like Zoe that are able to kind of put those things succinctly and say them out loud and publicly. Because, you know, often we’re kind of told, like, oh you need to be able to, you know, placate, or, you know, uh, keep your mouth shut a little bit, don’t make a scene. Which is a struggle I think, for all of us.