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Society Needs to Look At Itself

Kingston/South Eastern Ontario

Watch Chris talk about stigma, judegments and how we need to change as a society

Chris in a video interview

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Anything that society wants to deem as “so wrong” is going to be challenging. In capitalism they say, “You speculate to accumulate”; in social programs, “You spend to save”. I often feel that all we’re doing is changing the color of the band-aid, because people aren’t going to realize that we’ve taken away their jobs, we’ve taken away their housing, we’ve taken away their dignity we’ve taken away their inclusion.

And, then, we think we have the right to feel better than them, and blame them, and pick on them, and [we] do that because we don’t want to take responsibility in where society is going.

So until the politicians are willing to say, “If you really want to resolve this, it’s going to really mean society looking at itself “. And unluckily, I think we may be in a hard time to do that.