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Nothing About Us Without Us

Becki speaks to the importance of the meaningful involvement of people with lived experience in all areas of her harm reduction program in this video.

Becki in a video interview

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One of the successes that is close to my heart is, you know, involving People Who Use Drugs in our programming to deliver outreach services, and provide service to people and lift up those voices within our community.
I think in the beginning, when I started this six years ago, there were only a few of us, and there was only one agency that was doing that and listening to people with lived experience. But I think we’ve really been leaders in our community as far as setting that example of ‘Nothing About Us Without Us.’
And so, we have a very robust program that involves people with lived experience in all areas, and that’s really another gift that the AIDS Service Organization sector has kind of set up for us to be able to do. Which is wonderful.
That has kind of carried over into our drug strategy and our community health centre, and other organizations are getting on board, so I kind of I love that.