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Measuring Success

Kingston/South Eastern Ontario

Watch Justine talk about the different ways we can look at success in people.

Justine in a video interview

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I’ve actually changed my views on what the measurements of success look like.

People that used to access our services, that really felt like, internally, that was all that their life was about. Now [they] work with us. They’re my co-workers. They’re my leaders. They’re my friends.

People that wouldn’t come into Street Health before, are now in the methadone program and getting treated for their Hep C. People that completely isolated before are coming to do outreach and engaging with other people, or accessing the CTS [Consumption and Treatment Site]

These are all different measures of success.

I have an individual that’s released from incarceration; he has stayed out [of prison] for a year – that is success – that is huge.

But when you look at the bigger picture, the fact that some of these individuals, and what they experience day-in and day-out, and the barriers, and the struggles – the fact that they get up every single day, and still engage with me, and are still personal, and still try to live their best life, fuck, it doesn’t get any better than that.