Harm Reduction Satellite Sites Program Guide Launch

Expanding high-impact, low-barrier responses to the overdose crisis in residential and community settings.
This is a recording of the webinar held on October 26, 2020 launching the Harm Reduction Satellite Sites Program Guide.

The term “Satellite sites” is used to refer to informal harm reduction hubs operating out of the homes of people who use drugs. Informally operating in Toronto for over 20 years, these sites offer, at a minimum, access to sterile drug use supplies outside of more formal settings like health centres. Many Satellite sites offer much more than this – including naloxone and overdose response training, safe needle disposal, and referrals to health care services

In this webinar, providers shared their experiences in the hope that it will be helpful for community-based service providers who would like to develop similar programming or explore other models of providing health and harm reduction services to people who use drugs, particularly in residential and other community settings.

This webinar was co-hosted by the Alliance for Healthier Communities and the Ontario Harm Reduction Network and moderated by Dr. Gillian Kolla.

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EDIT: We now host this webinar on OHRN Learning as a short course, with access to all resources and the chance to receive a certificate. Visit the Satellite Sites Guide Program Launch on OHRN Learning.