Women Lovin’: A sexual health guide for queer women

Published 2003, updated 2012

Women lovin’ women are a diverse group. We are of
different ages and come from different places. Some of us
are poor and some of us are rich. Some of us are trans
and some of us are cis*. Some of us smoke, some of
us use drugs, some of us are vegan and some of us love
our red meat. Some of us only sleep with women and
some of us are also into bois, trans guys and dudes.
We might have a single partner at a time or we might see
multiple people. We might call ourselves queer, femme,
butch, lesbian, bisexual, trans, pansexual or genderqueer.
We might reject labels because labels can be tricky for
some of us and mean different things to different people.