The Young Injectables: Harnessing the Power of Harm Reduction (comic book)

This is the concept behind The Young Injectables, an educational resource created by our Harm Reduction Services and Syringe Access Program Manager Van Asher. As drug use continues to be pushed underground, morbidity has increased with record numbers of fatal overdoses occurring each year. These are preventable deaths. HCV infections are also an ongoing problem, with the highest rate of new infections happening among young injecting drug users. Drug use is here to stay, but many of the dangers associated with it do not have to be.

The Young Injectables uses real-life situations to provide a dialogue on how to stay healthy and safe while using drugs. Illustrated by U. A. Morrison, the series follows a group of heroes whose superpower is harm reduction. Follow them as they fly through New York City’s streets, apartments, and subways offering sterile syringes, HIV and Hepatitis C prevention strategies, Narcan training, overdose prevention strategies and more.