Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program

Since 2006, the Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program has been coordinating the distribution of evidence based harm reduction supplies to Core Harm Reduction Programs throughout Ontario. Funded through the AIDS and Hepatitis C Programs of the Ontario Ministry of Health, we are a not-for-profit program of the Kingston Community Health Centres.

Working with a licensed medical distributor, OHRDP coordinates the procurement, management and distribution of harm reduction supplies. The supplies provided through OHRDP complement the needles, syringes, condoms, and bio-hazard containers provided through Ontario Public Health. In addition, OHRDP provides Core Harm Reduction Programs with educational materials that support both the safer use of supplies and recommended inventory management practices.

Harm reduction provides strategies and ideas to minimize harmful consequences associated with drug use and other health risks. Grounded in social justice, harm reduction respects the rights of an individual to choose, and addresses the inequities of health and wellbeing in the drug using community.

OHRDP values the expertise of the community it serves. We partner with other provincial harm reduction programs so that together we can exchange the most current knowledge, skills, and approaches.