Harm Reduction at Work: A guide for organizations employing people who use drugs

For harm reduction and drug policy organizations that aim to improve the health and welfare of people who use drugs, the insights of drug users themselves are essential to shaping effective programs. Harm Reduction at Work gives the necessary know-how to ensure that both employees who do use drugs and those who don’t are treated fairly.

Harm Reduction at Work is a practical, hands-on guide written by Raffi Balian and Cheryl White, whose many years of experience in harm reduction, drug user activism, and organizational leadership have made them experts on working with people who use drugs. In addition to outlining the many benefits of hiring drug users, Balian and White provide detailed strategies for recruiting, supervising, and retaining staff.

Harm Reduction at Work includes resources on the following topics:

Realistic guidance on how to overcome obstacles of hiring drug users, including those who are living with HIV or hepatitis C
Sample harm reduction policies for the workplace
Approaches for dealing with supervision and discipline
Real-life examples from two award-winning programs
Harm Reduction at Work is the third book of the Harm Reduction Field Guide Series produced by the Open Society Public Health Program. Previous guides include Overdose Prevention and Response and Human Rights Documentation and Advocacy.