Find a Supervised Consumption Site

Supervised consumption sites and services save lives and benefit communities. They provide a safe, clean space for people to bring their own drugs to use, in the presence of trained staff. This prevents accidental overdoses and reduces the spread of infectious diseases, such as HIV. Supervised consumption sites may offer a range of evidence-based harm reduction services, such as drug checking. The sites also provide access to important health and social services, including substance use treatment for those who are ready.

In Ontario, Supervised Consumption Sites (SCS) are called Consumption and Treatment Services (CTS).

Supervised Consumption Sites are different than Overdose Prevention Sites (OPS). OPS were established as a community-based response to overdose deaths and the sluggish bureaucracy associated with SCS applications. OPS tend to be peer-run, barer-bones facilities (sometimes consisting of a tent in a public park) where people can use their own illicit drugs, access sterile harm reduction equipment, and receive emergency overdose response as needed.

This list of sites currently offering services is maintained by the Government of Canada. Use the filter to search for Ontario only.