Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group

The Conservative Drug Policy Reform Group (CDPRG) is an evidence-based policy forum which promotes informed debate on drug policy reform. The CDPRG is not affiliated to the Conservative Party and it does not support the Conservatives nor any other party, it merely aims to draw the attention of the centre-right to the injustices and inadequacies of existing drug policy, as the demographic most averse to reform in this policy area.

There is appetite for a review of drugs policy among the public to look at alternative approaches to drug control. By all sensible measures, the current war on drugs is ineffective, failing to reduce either the unlawful supply of, or the demand for, controlled drugs; overwhelming the resources assigned to the police and criminal justice system; allowing the generation of vast profits for organised crime groups; while causing untold misery for the most vulnerable in our society.

The Misuse of Drugs Act (1971) intends to limit the social problems caused by the misuse of dangerous or otherwise harmful drugs. Unfortunately, and unjustifiably, current drug legislation fails to classify drugs according to the scientific evidence on their relative potential for harm. Furthermore, after decades of criminalising people for the possession and supply of controlled drugs, there is still no convincing evidence that criminal penalties deter people from committing these offences. Our current approach to drug control is unscientific and ineffective.

There is growing evidence from around the world indicating that this need not be the case and there may be better ways to reduce harms to individuals and society. The CDPRG is advocating for an evidence-based review of current drugs policy, to establish the failings of current regulations and identify the most effective strategies to improve outcomes.