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How to Use Narcan with the DOPE Project

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Naloxone Is Not Enough: Letters From The Heart Of The Crisis

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Changes in substance supply and use characteristics among people who use drugs (PWUD) during the COVID-19 global pandemic: A national qualitative assessment in Canada

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Putting Indigenous Harm Reduction to Work: Developing and Evaluating “Not Just Naloxone”

Cover of International Journal of Indigenous Health, Volume 16

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Overdose Prevention & Harm Reduction

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Overdose Prevention: Resources, reports, and initiatives

Harm reduction satellite sites: A guide for operating harm reduction hubs from the homes of people who use drugs

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Benzodiazepines in the unregulated drug supply in Ontario

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Find a Free Naloxone Kit

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Effect of Intranasal vs Intramuscular Naloxone on Opioid Overdose: A Randomized Clinical Trial

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Canadian Association for Safe Supply (CASS)

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Overdose Prevention, Response, & Postvention: Promising Policies and Practices for Organizations

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Reducing Harms: Recognizing and Responding to Opioid Overdoses in Your Organization

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NARCAN® Nasal Spray efficacy for emergency treatment of opioid overdose

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Resurrection myth: A rude awakening for alleged ‘Lazarus parties’

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Intranasal and Intramuscular Naloxone for Opioid Overdose in the Pre-Hospital Setting: A Review of Comparative Clinical and Cost-Effectiveness, and Guidelines

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Harm Reduction Services for Indigenous People Who Use Drugs: Questions and Answers

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Chest compressions and rescue breathing when administering naloxone in opioid overdose