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Keyword: British Columbia

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Sage: A resource-sharing community for Canadian HIV and hepatitis C service providers

Guidelines, Handbooks & Toolkits,

Overdose Prevention & Response In Washrooms: Recommendations for Service Providers

Education & Training, Research, Reports & Media,

Putting Indigenous Harm Reduction to Work: Developing and Evaluating “Not Just Naloxone”

Cover of International Journal of Indigenous Health, Volume 16

Organizations, Initiatives & Services,

Vancouver Island Drug Checking Project

Organizations, Initiatives & Services,

Indigenous Harm Reduction Team (IHRT)

Organizations, Initiatives & Services,

Language matters: Create safer space with less stigma

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Crackdown Podcast

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“It’s Helped Me a Lot, Just Like to Stay Alive”: a Qualitative Analysis of Outcomes of a Novel Hydromorphone Tablet Distribution Program in Vancouver, Canada

Client-facing Material,

Coronavirus FAQ for shelter and drop-in settings

Education & Training, Multimedia Formats,

Better Harm Reduction with Heart

Guidelines, Handbooks & Toolkits,

Peer engagement Principles and Best Practices: A guide for BC Health Authorities and other providers

Guidelines, Handbooks & Toolkits,

Respectful language and stigma regarding people who use substances

Client-facing Material, Organizations, Initiatives & Services,

Drug cocktails: facts about mixing medicine, booze and street drugs

Education & Training,

Dear Lady in the Women’s Washroom